3 ways to protect yourself from the health hazards of sitting

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Some have called sitting “the new smoking” for its ability to produce negative health effects through prolonged exposure. From an increased risk of cancer and heart disease to non-life threatening problems such as lower back pain and loss of flexibility in the hips and spine, sitting’s adverse health effects are surprisingly significant. Unfortunately, sitting is a part of many people’s jobs and that probably won’t change anytime soon. Luckily, there are practices you can adopt to protect yourself. Here are three practical suggestions:

Take walking or standing breaks every 30 minutes

If your job allows you to take a short time to stretch, get some water, or use the restroom, make sure you take advantage of those periods to stretch your legs, get your blood circulation flowing, and make sure your lower body feels fresh and loose.

Stretch your hips

As one helpful graphic suggests, stretching your hip flexors for three minutes per side every day can help keep your hips flexible while staying in the same position and experiencing pressure from your chair every day you go to work.

Get a flexible foam seat cushion

You can alleviate a significant amount of pressure to your lower body by purchasing foam seat cushions that provide both comfort and support during long days. A good seat cushion will improve your posture while mitigating some of the problems that come from body compression such as pain, digestive issues, and poor circulation.

The Foam Factory sells customizable foam seat cushions tailored to your specific needs. Contact them today for more information.

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