Casein Protein Supplements 101

Created by: Whey Supplements

Casein is one of many proteins found in milk. In addition to being used in plastics, adhesives, and paints, casein is also an ingredient in protein supplements. Although whey is the most popular type of protein used by athletes, strength trainers and weight lifters today, casein has been gaining popularity as a great supplement for enhancing muscle growth and recovery.

Taken before and after exercise, casein protein supplements have been said to improve weight training results, weight management efforts, and overall fitness goals. When it comes to weight training, the slow-digesting protein has been said to help refuel recovering muscles and encourage muscle growth because it provides the body with a slower and steadier stream of protein. Casein protein has also been used for weight loss. According to some brands, casein may help with weigh loss because it curbs the appetite and burns calories. It may also aid weight loss due to its effect on body composition. Finally, many people say that casein supplements enhance overall fitness.

In addition to taking supplements, athletes and body builders should eat a good quality, well-balance diet. Not everyone should be taking protein supplements. Make sure you talk to your doctor about whether casein protein supplements are right for you.

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