Indigenes of West Africa especially Cameroon have enjoyed African Mango for generations to boost their energy for hunting. Most recently, it’s been identified that the energy- boosting elements of African Mango in fact improve metabolism, which is beneficial in weightloss. It also have appetite suppressing and fat burning abilities that aids the natural weightloss process.
African mango(bush mango), is different from other mango fruits for the reason that it bears a distinct seed, which Cameroon’s local folks reference as “Dikka nuts.” For decades, a reminant from the seeds named irvingia gabonensis have been utilized among Cameroonian locals for its burgeoning medicinal rewards, including natural weightloss.

Best African Mango Appetite Suppressants & Fat Burning Pills


African Mango PlusAFRICAN MANGO PLUS – A popular Medical show on ABC featured the use of Irvingla Gabonesis, otherwise known as African Mango, had proven to be effective when used as a supplement during weight loss programs.

The weight loss properties of Irvingla Gabonesis in the African Mango Plus have been attributed to increase the amount of Leptin(a substance that’s responsible for regulating the metabolism and appetite in humans) in the bloodstream of those who use it as a supplement.

The African Mango Plus:
– Burns Fat
– Increases Energy.
– Serves as Appetite Suppressants
– Increases Metabolism
– Increases Fat Oxidation
– Fights Fatigue
– Helps you lose Weight Naturally

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Mangodrin African MangoMangodrin SF™ carries the trademarked ingredient Irvingla Gabonesis seed which is produced from African Mangoes. This exceptional and highly effective seed has long been identified by the locals of Cameroon for its fat burning, antioxidant, and appetite suppressing qualities which have not too long ago been clinically established to aid lose weight.

In contrast to several African mango products on the market today, Mangodrin SF™ is the ‘genuine article’ and is made up of the trademarked ingredient Irvingla Gabonesis.

Mangodrin SF™ also carries various potent fat burning compounds including Cissus Quadrangularis, Green Tea and Resveratrol which assist you to lose weight by enhancing your metabolism. Protected under 6 US Patents and having a number of clinical studies, it’s not unusual that Mangodrin SF™ is one of the topmost selling fat burners on the market.


– Helps you to burn more fat
– Clinically tested ingredients
– Natural ingredients – no stimulants


– Can help to improve your metabolism
– Suppresses your appetite
– Utilizes the patented ingredient Irvingla Gabonnesis from African Mangoes

Mangodrin comes with 90 capsules. Take 3 a day, lasting 30 days per box.
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