How to Measure for Foam Replacement Cushions

If you’re ready to replace foam cushions, then the first step is to measure each cushion. You’ll need to record the length, depth and width. Make notes about the type of foam you are replacing. Of course, you could use any type of foam replacement in your new cushions.

Tips to Protect Foam Cushions

If you have foam cushions and most of us do, you can protect them by being careful not to spill liquids on them. Liquids get down into foam and cause mildew. This will make the foam rubber smell bad and it will lose its firmness. If cushions are being used outdoors, then be sure to use furniture covers to protect them from the wind and weather.

What type of foam is best?

For many people, this is a matter of personal preference. Memory foam is a good choice. It’s long lasting, easy to cut and it’s firm. It provides a nice stable but comfortable seat. It you have a work chair at the office, a memory foam cushion can make it much more comfortable.

Types of foam include:

Convoluted foam

Eggcrate foam

Memory foam

Latex foam

Conventional foam

Foam replacement is simple and inexpensive. Making new covers for the foam cushions can be done by those who are crafty and good at sewing. You might find someone locally to do his for you. Ordering new foam is easy too. Visit The Foam Factory to order sheets of foam or individually cut pieces.

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