The Truth About Complex Carbohydrates

If you’re hoping to lose weigh this summer, you have a number of options for doing so, but you probably know that your diet is going to be a big part of it. In fact, your diet will always be the biggest part of getting in shape. So be sure to consider each component of it, especially if you’re eating a large amount of complex carbohydrates.

Most people think carbohydrates are amazing for them. That’s what they’ve been taught anyway. It’s in so many of our favorite foods, from fast food to cereal to pizza, that it’s easy to believe too. Unfortunately, there’s good reason to believe they actually do far more harm than good.

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The first issue with complex carbohydrates is that they simply provide our bodies with far too much fuel. You don’t all the energy complex carbs give you at once. So your body burns what it can in the moment and then stores the rest. Unfortunately, it stores that energy as fat that you will then have to burn off later. As you probably already know, that’s no easy task.

That’s not all though. There a good amount of evidence that we were never supposed to eat the main sources of complex carbohydrates either. Options like bread, oatmeal and crackers aren’t natural. Therefore they contain a number of micronutrients that can cause inflammation or otherwise keep our bodies from absorbing all the benefits of other foods we eat. Obviously, neither is an ideal result for those who want to get healthier.

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