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Article submitted By Remarkable Smiles Orthodontics.  

We’d all love to have a million-dollar smile but often we have issues with our teeth. Some of this can occur from not getting the best dental care as kids. Some of it is just what we’re born with. Your teeth may have come in crooked or too close together. Maybe your teeth have spaces.

It often feels like there’s nothing we can do about these problems that we are born with. But dental care has come a long way. There actually are quite a few ways that a dentist or orthodontist can address whatever problems you may be dealing with.

Many people want to know if Invisalign can fix the same problems as traditional metal braces. There are a few areas where Invisalign may not be the right choice. That’s why your orthodontist will take x-rays and give you a thorough exam. If the doctor doesn’t believe Invisalign can fix the issues you are dealing with, then he may recommend other options.

Ceramic braces: So easy to wear and aesthetically pleasing. Though they work much like metal braces, they’re made of ceramic material and they look amazing.

Lingual braces: These are just like metal braces but they’re installed on the backs of your teeth. An orthodontist needs special training to put these on properly.

Traditional metal braces: These use metal and wires to move teeth gradually into the right positions. It takes time to get used to these.

Invisalign: These are popular now because they’re so easy to wear and practically invisible. You simply wear a plastic aligner on your teeth for a period of time, then the orthodontist makes a new one for you and over a period of time, your teeth magically move where they should be.

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