The health benefits of a custom boat mattress replacement

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Any traveler understands the discomfort of sleeping in a bed other than their bed at home. It’s even worse if you have a bad back or suffer back pains as a result of your new bed. And if you’re planning to sleep on a boat mattress while at sea, you might also have to deal with unwelcome moisture and the mold or mildew that it brings.

If you deal with any of these problems, it might be time for you to get a custom boat mattress replacement. Discomfort can be fixed by changing your mattress material to foam and/or getting a custom-cut mattress that is a better fit for your specific body type. Companies such as The Foam Factory can make foam mattresses based on the shape and dimensions you specify. This ensures that your mattress is a perfect fit for your boat’s bed shape. Furthermore, foam is more malleable than other mattress materials, which means it has an easier time forming itself around a body’s contours, in contrast to the rigid, firm feel of spring mattresses. This will reduce your back pains and ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

If you’re worried about moisture seeping into your mattress, you can also add bedding made from Dryfast foam, which is extremely resistant to moisture and microorganisms. Dryfast is perfect for preventing issues with mold and mildew since its anti-microbial design prevents these allergens from building up and causing respiratory issues to people nearby.

If you’d like to have a custom boat mattress replacement made for your vessel, contact The Foam Factory for details and pricing.  

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