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Can You Get New Cushions to Revamp Your Furniture?

If your furniture is beginning to look old and worn out, then wait! Don’t throw it out. Save money plus save the environment by keeping your old furniture. The landfills are so full today but if we would all revamp our old furniture instead of throwing it out, it would make a difference. It all begins with new cushions and these don’t have to be expensive.

If you want to do this but aren’t good with DIY then check out one of the local neighborhood apps to find a pro who can completely recover old cushions and make them seem like new cushions. Of course, this is not a complicated project. You’ll just need to know the size of the cushions and you have to decide what type of foam rubber to buy. At The Foam Factory you can purchase any type of foam:

Convoluted foam rubber

Memory foam

Latex foam

Conventional foam

Measure the size and depth of your cushions. Make notes if something is an unusual shape or size. This is not a problem at all but you will want to provide the accurate measurements. If you need covers for your cushions, try buying something that blends in with your other décor. You might use this as an opportunity to redecorate the whole room. Get some new drapes, rugs and lamps.

If you need help finding the right size or type of new cushions to get, contact The Foam Factory. Our friendly customer service agents can assist you by answering questions and helping you find exactly what you need.

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