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How Often Should You Replace Your Yacht Mattresses?

Many yachts are designed for overnight sailing trips, containing accommodations for sleeping and eating. This includes basic amenities such as beds and kitchens. Like average household mattresses, boat mattresses cannot last forever. A yacht’s bed will eventually need a boat mattress replacement after it has become worn out from use and moisture absorption.

On land, the average mattress lasts for around 6 to 10 years. Ideally, the same would be true of boat bed mattresses, but boat beds also have a different set of challenges. Due to being on the open sea, boat mattresses are also exposed to intense sunlight and moisture. On boats, water often condenses on cold surfaces, which can cause mattresses to become damp and moldy.

If you have not taken proper precautions, these conditions can damage your mattress fairly early in its lifespan. Furthermore, moldy mattresses can negatively affect your health if you suffer from severe allergies, since mold can be a powerful allergen that causes coughing, sneezing, and asthma attacks. If your mattress has become uncomfortable or if it exhibits the telltale signs of sun or mold damage, you should look for a replacement as soon as possible. You can usually identify sun damage by looking for faded mattress colors. Signs of mold include foul odors, multi-colored stains on your mattress, and the arrival of parasites such as bed bugs.

If your boat mattress has already fallen prey to these conditions, you should look for a mattress that is naturally resistant to moisture and UV rays. Retailers such as The Foam Factory offer customizable boat mattresses made from materials such as Dryfast Foam. Dryfast Foam is a product with a porous structure that can dry completely even after being completely soaked. This makes it ideal for locations that are frequently exposed to moisture, such as patios and boat interiors. Dryfast Foam is also designed to have antimicrobial properties, which greatly inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as mold.

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