How new cushioning can improve your health?

Blog provided by Foam Factory.

Comfortable living, dining, and patio furniture can enhance your home by letting you enjoy each room as it was meant to be used. While the correct cushioning can enhance the look of furniture and offer added comfort, old cushioning can harm your health and wellbeing.

Reduced lower back and neck support – As furniture ages, it will lose its structure and flexibility to provide you with the required support. Often the first thing to deteriorate is your foam cushioning. This is because your cushioning will lose its shape and flexibility after approximately 5 years of use. In the long run, inadequate support can cause permanent damage to your neck, hips, and back.

Worsened allergies – Older, unkept foam and furnishings can foster dust mites, mold, and mildew that will be blown into the air each time someone sits in your home. These allergens can greatly affect a person’s quality of life as they can cause constant sneezing, watery eyes, and headaches that often worsen if untreated. Young children can be affected by allergens to a greater degree, as their lungs are not fully developed causing severe symptoms.

Your home will look its best – Ordering Custom Cushion can be as easy as sending through your measurements online and waiting for delivery. A home that is well maintained can have a direct impact on everyone, as it gives a sense of pride and positivity, providing for a happier, healthy household. 

Replacing your foam can be an easy way to improve your health and refresh your home. Leading foam manufacturers offer affordable foam options that can make this simple upgrade budget-friendly for any family.

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