Reasons parents love telehealth

Article provide by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL

New parents will need to visit their pediatrician for routine examinations to monitor a child’s development. However, parents are often hesitant to take a healthy child to a pediatrician’s office as waiting rooms can unnecessarily expose a family to illness.

Here are some reasons why parents are opting for telehealth services instead of their usual in-clinic visits.

No waiting rooms – Average doctors waiting rooms can take between 20 minutes to 1 hour. Keeping a young child still in a waiting room can be difficult, while appointments can disrupt nap and feeding schedules. Telehealth allows parents to book an appointment at a time convenient to their child’s routine with no time wasted in waiting rooms.

No germs – Waiting rooms can harbor germs and viruses that can put parents and young children at risk. Telehealth allows children to meet with a doctor safely in their homes, allowing children to rest and relax before their visit.

Easier to schedule – Parents with young children are often busy with work, a child’s school needs, and taking care of other family members. Physical appointments will often require a parent to take time off work which can be challenging. With telehealth, a parent can schedule their child’s appointment at a time convenient to them.

Your child can be themselves – A doctor can assess a child in familiar surroundings and get an accurate understanding of the child’s behavior. Often children may seem irritable at an in-person appointment as their schedules have been disrupted or they are tired due to long waiting times.

Telehealth is an alternative to in-person pediatric visits as they can ease the stress of getting a young child to a doctor.

 ‘Francis Dunn’

Francis Dunn is from Miami FloridaFrancis William Dunn has spent the last twenty-five years working within the healthcare industry to improve corporate strategy and product development. He is the VP and co-founder of Medsite, Inc., a successful company that was later sold to WebMD. Francis Dunn understands how to be a successful leader and is often called upon for speaking engagements. His expertise in managing enterprise accounts continues to drive overall revenue for past employers.

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