Avoiding Allergies with Your Outdoor Furniture

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

A backyard, patio, or outdoor dining area is a great way to entertain guests or to have some great outdoor family bonding time. However, outdoor furniture is susceptible to a unique set of challenges because of where it is placed. Indoor furniture is safe under your roof, but outdoor furniture has to weather complications caused by the elements such as sunlight, moisture, and the growth of microorganisms such as fungi.

When fungi such as mold and mildew have grown on the surface of your patio cushions, you could be at the mercy of uncomfortable, irritating allergens. Inhaling spores and mold can lead to allergy symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and congestion. In the worst cases, it might even lead to asthma attacks in people with certain respiratory issues.

Moisture and humidity are prime conditions for mold and mildew to grow. Many homeowners have seen the growth of microorganisms on their outdoor furniture cushions after leaving them in rainy or humid weather. Thus, there is a need for a solution that protects patio cushions from moisture and fungi, no matter what the weather may look like.

At The Foam Factory, you can order patio cushions made from Dryfast foam, a material designed to resist moisture and microorganisms. Dryfast foam dries extremely quickly, even after being completely soaked, and it is made from antimicrobial materials that will prevent fungi from growing on its surface. Contact The Foam Factory for more details or to order custom-cut Dryfast cushions made according to your specifications.

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