How to maintain your patio cushions

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When the weather warms up, most people love to spend time in their patios. Taking good care of your outdoor furniture will help you enjoy the warmer months in comfort while improving the longevity of your furniture and reducing allergens.

Here are some suggestions that can help you maintain your outdoor furniture.

Dust it off – Furniture left outdoors can collect dust, pollen, food spills, and bird droppings. Dusting your cushions regularly will keep your outdoor fabrics clean and stain-free.

Liquid spills – Red wine, milk, and coffee spills can permanently stain outdoor fabrics if left unattended. As a rule, address spills by using a dry clean cloth to absorb the liquid, followed by a mild detergent on the area to dab out the stain.

Rinse it – Outdoor fabrics are often water-resistant and can be rinsed. It is best to avoid drenching your furniture, instead opt for a quick rinse. Once your cushions are cleaned lay them out on the lawn and only take them in once they are completely dry.

Protect them – Heavy snow, rain, and wind can cause outdoor fabrics and furniture to deteriorate, as water pooling can result in damage, mold, and mildew. To protect your furniture consider placing your furniture in storage during the off-season.

Deep clean – Patio cushion with removable covers can be machine washed. Check for washing and drying instructions on your tag for further details. When washing your covers use a mild detergent in cold water followed by air-drying them to reduce shrinkage.

Taking good care of your patio cushions will help you maintain your outdoor furniture’s appearance while prolonging its life.

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