Losing Weight and Physical Exercise

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There are two main parts to any successful weight-loss program: consuming less calories and physical exercise. This blog post focuses on why regular physical exercise is such an integral part of any weight-loss program, including the SENSA Weight-Loss System.

It Works

Although losing weight is a difficult journey that often ends in heartache, there are millions of people who have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. These people have worked hard and lost the weight, but they didn’t reach their goals without moving their bodies. According to, people who have shed unwanted pounds and maintained a healthy weight have a few things in common, including “getting regular physical activity.”

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Benefits Beyond Weight-Loss

Is there any other reason to move your body than weight loss? Yes, there’s plenty. Beyond helping you lose weight, regular exercise offers numerous health benefits. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular physical activity has been shown to improve mood, boost energy, promote better sleep, and even combat health conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, and certain types of cancer. Of course, it also helps maintain your weight.

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