Mental Health Challenges of Covid 19

As we move into the second year of the pandemic, we find that people around the world are struggling with depression and anxiety. Some of this can be derived from the fact that the future seems unknown to us. Though there are vaccines now, there are also variants of the COVID-19 virus. Even health officials do not know whether the vaccines can protect someone against the Delta strain of the virus.

Though some people do seek help for their mental health issues, statistics show that a large number of the population will not look for help. The teachers and mentors at The Global Spiritualist Association have been aware of these issues for some time. Our organization is committed to helping those who are struggling with despair, depression or anxiety.

We believe that it’s important to recognize these problems and try to find a way to address them. At The Global Spiritualist Association, we have also discovered that a great many teenagers and young people are struggling with depression during this time. Our research points to the fact that people simply aren’t sure about the future. No one knows whether the vaccines can be successful at conquering the coronavirus.

The Global Spiritualist Association invites those who need help to reach out to our organization. Let family and friends know how you feel. Contact someone about your feelings if you are experiencing bouts of depression or if you feel hopeless about your future. There are so many programs and people out there who care.

TGSA organizes the Annual Global Spiritualist Forum, the world’s top forum for spiritualists, with the mission of “bringing problem-solving energy to the world and giving everyone the ability to love and feel love.”

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