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Cushion Replacement Tips and Tricks

In today’s homes and businesses, people are trying to save money and one great idea is to replace cushions instead of replacing the entire set of furniture. Cushion replacement is much easier than you might believe. The first thing you’ll need is a tape measure. Also, a pen and paper. You might benefit from having someone help with this task.

Measure each cushion. On your paper, record the length, width and depth. It’s a good idea to measure twice. You can, of course, start from scratch and create all new cushions for your furniture. You’ll need to know how long, wide and deep each cushion should be. You’ll also need to have someone who is good at sewing, to make new cushions covers. There are so many good fabrics for cushion covers including types of plastic. Upholstery fabric is a top choice, but really, you could use any type of heavy fabric for your cushion covers.

Interior designers often choose fabrics that blend well with the rugs and drapes. You can create a very cohesive room that’s beautiful with perfectly matched colors and textures. If you have very little experience in this area, then start small. Choose just once section of a room to redecorate. You might like cushion replacement for a couch, selecting a color that that you will use in the throw pillows or lamps.

Cushion replacement is an economical idea and it’s easy to get done. Check out The Foam Factory for all types of foam inserts in all sizes. Have your seat cushions cut to order and shipped to you for a low cost.

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