What you can learn from Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue

You’ve tried every self-help book out there, but you still don’t feel like you have the life you want. You’re not sure what’s stopping you from getting what you want, but you know that something is.

After reading Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue, you will have the clarity and confidence you need to finally achieve the life you’ve always wanted.

This book is different from other self-help books because it takes a spiritual approach to creating abundance in your life.

What you will learn from reading Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue

In this book, you will come to understand that the abundance we experience in life is a result of the daily request we make to the cosmos. By asking for guidance and assistance, we open ourselves up to receiving her compassion and influence.

In this way, abundance is not something that we achieve on our own, but rather it is something that happens as a result of our connection with the greater forces at work in the universe.

When we live in abundance, we are able to give more freely of ourselves and our resources. We are also more likely to attract abundance into our lives, as we are sending out positive energy into the world. Abundance is not just about material wealth, but also about having a rich and full life experience.

When we are abundant in our lives, we are able to enjoy all that life has to offer, and we make a difference in the world simply by being ourselves.

About Zhang Xinyue, author of Create Abundance

Zhang Xinyue is a renowned body-mind-spirit instructor, spiritual counselor, and the creator of Abundance Psychology, a new type of psychotherapy. She was born in China and has been teaching in the United States since 2001.

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