Important points to consider before choosing Invisalign braces

Article by Remarkable Smiles.

In a world where appearances matter, the perfect smile has become an important status symbol of beauty and success. Invisalign braces are a relatively modern method of straightening teeth that involves little to no change in a person’s lifestyle.

Here are some things to consider before choosing Invisalign braces.

You can change your smile at any age – Although children between the ages of 10-14 get into braces, adults are now deciding to straighten their teeth later on in life. With more orthodontics offering Invisalign treatments, older patients are confident that they can improve their smiles with Invisalign’s discreet aligners.

See your results before you start treatment – The latest technology in dentistry simulates a patient’s results following the treatment.

Treatment time – Usually treatment times last for 6-12 months depending on the patient’s case. The treatment time is reliant on the patient regularly wearing the brace for the allotted time. Most dental visits are 6 weeks apart, at which point the aligners are changed.

Cost – Invisalign is more expensive than traditional metal braces. This is mainly because the technology and the materials used are costly to produce.

As an adult Invisalign’s discreet design offers adults the chance to transform their smiles without the stresses of traditional metal braces. Additionally, straight teeth can also offer many health benefits as they are easier to clean, less prone to damage, decay, and disease.

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