Create Abundance in All Your Relationships

Article by The Global Spiritualists Association

One huge area that many people struggle with is relationships. Making a big blunder in a relationship can be detrimental to the dynamics of a family. Do you constantly seem to be at odds with a brother or sister? Find out why and do something about it! Don’t go through life experiencing negative emotions every time you get together with this person.

Instead, sit down with pen and paper and try to write down at least three things that you believe are at the root of your dysfunction with this person. In some cases, relationships have been broken for so long that it will take professional help to set them right. But make this important enough to you that you’re willing to go the extra mile to resolve those issues so you can have a healthy relationship with each family member.

Below, are a few questions that can get you started in the right direction:

What went wrong?

Was one person to blame more than another?

How did you react?

Were your actions and reactions helping or hurting the situation?

Has this type of thing happened in the past?

We humans are much more ingenious and imaginative than we realize.  The Adventure Human is one of discovery and meaning for those who can learn a few key secrets. Next time you fail at something, take that failure apart and find out what happened and the next time, you’ll avoid that pitfall altogether.

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