How to survive your first week with braces

Article written by Elite Dental Group.

Getting into braces can be a great way to achieve that perfect, healthy smile. However, most new patients will realize that the first week of being fitted with braces, can be uncomfortable. Apart from maintaining good dental hygiene the following tips can help a person adjust to braces within a week.

Speak to your orthodontist before you leave their office – You should speak to your orthodontist regarding the following before leaving the clinic.

Check wire ends – Run your teeth along your braces to identify any sharp edges that can hurt your cheeks, lips, or tongue.

Ask questions – Ask your orthodontist what you need to do before your next appointment. Often, they will specify dental hygiene requirements and, in some cases, offer a leaflet with all relevant details.

Check supplies – Patients will need dental wax, cleaning aids, elastic bands, and other items to assist them until their next appointment.

Watch what you eat – Eating soft foods during the first week of wearing braces, will allow your mouth and teeth to adjust. Foods like pasta, soft bread, soup, yogurt, and fruit are a good choice.

Use dental wax – Brackets can rub against soft skin, causing irritation and mild peeling. However, over time your mouth will adjust, reducing the number of sore spots. Until your mouth adapts, dental wax should be used to ease discomfort and reduce soreness.

Rinse your mouth with saltwater – For those with mild to severe irritation, dentists recommend rinsing with warm saltwater. Saltwater can ease pain while quickening the healing process.

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