Do Dentists Make Mistakes During Dental Procedures?

As the old saying goes, every human being is made of mistakes. When you go to a dentist with a tooth issue, you expect it to be fixed when you come out. But dentists are humans, too, so your expectation might not be fulfilled. Rather, the issue you came in with might get worse when you come out due to the mistake.

So yes, a dentist can make mistakes. These mistakes have a name, and it’s called Dental Malpractice. According to California dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy, even experienced dentists can have a bad day and do something wrong when distracted.

While some mistakes can be unintentional, others can mean harm or signify the dentist’s lack of professionalism and skills. After all, as dentist negligence injury attorney Dane Levy puts it, there are good and bad dentists, as well as real dentists and fake dentists. Either way, one single mistake of theirs can cause you not only physical pain but also a financial burden.

So what should you do in this case? The first thing should be to talk to your dentist about the problem that has ensued. You can either ask him to fix his mistake without taking any additional bill or replay the medical bill you paid. However, it’s a common scenario for dentists to disagree with both options. In that case, you should check out whether your case qualifies as dental malpractice.

For that, you can talk with a dental malpractice attorney and determine your next step. If you’re in California, you can try contacting Dane Levy Law Firm, who has years of experience and skills behind him when it comes to such cases.


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