Are weight loss claims of African mango true?

This post is written by Cellan Diet Pills. Research show that African mango helps to lose five to ten pounds within a short 30 day period and one of Cellan main ingredient is African mango.

As we get old, losing weight becomes more difficult. It requires an extra effort to lose few pounds or the ring around the belly. Some crash diets that we used in the past may not even make a dent in your body weight. According to Dr. Oz, answer lies in supplements that are rich with African mango. It has a unique power to speed up the metabolism which leads to shed extra pounds off your weight. Dr. Oz more specifically recommends African mango contained products for women over 40 and call it a “breakthrough weight loss fix.” African mango works in two ways. First, it helps to trap fat so that your body can eliminate them. Second, African mango contains Vitamin B in abundance that helps to increase metabolism. According to some published research into African mango contained supplements, they helped many to lose five to ten pounds within a short 30 day period. Cellan Diet contains African mango so that the users of the supplement can get the weight loss benefit of African mango.

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