Why rattan is the best eco-friendly material for furniture

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

If you’re serious about incorporating sustainable practices into your office or home, furniture is a great place to start. There are easy ways to obtain eco-friendly furniture that looks great and helps the environment at the same time. One of those ways is by purchasing natural rattan furniture.

Wood is not the only material furniture can be made from, and furniture makers have been capable of producing high-quality furniture products from other materials. Rattan is a natural, plant-based material that grows back quickly after being harvested. As a result, forests don’t have to disappear just to craft chairs, couches, and tables. The World Wildlife Fund has touted the benefits of rattan while recognizing it as a good alternative to timber in areas with scarce forestry.

Because of its plant-based origins, rattan adds a nature-inspired touch to your surroundings at home, work, or your outdoor patio. Rattan is often caned into elegant, artfully crafted shapes that fit in well with a classy or tropical aesthetic. Rattan is generally a fairly durable material that is also light and easy to move. It’s also a very breathable material that feels lighter on your back than other traditional furniture pieces.

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