Can Taking Ibogaine Be Dangerous?

Beond Ibogaine like any drug has its dangers when administered correctly there is no danger. Ibogaine should only be taken in a medical environment with professionals to oversee and correctly dose patients. It is a psychedelic drug that can last up to 6 hours and therefore needs to be correctly monitored in order to keep patients safe and relaxed through the process.

Ibogaine clinic in Mexico requires that you disclose any pre-existing conditions such as cardiovascular disease or if you are withdrawing from alcohol or benzodiazepines. These will have a negative effect on your treatment if not communicated to the staff. It is possible to continue to have treatment in monitored medical doses which are perfectly safe.

Detox methods and therapy sessions help people that are admitted to use medical doses of Ibogaine for opiate addiction. When Ibogaine is administered by professional medical personnel there are no dangers and the results are positive and successful. It is important to disclose your complete medical history and any addictions to opioids or any other drugs or alcohol. This is imperative to offer the correct and helpful treatment and dosages.

Alternative therapies for depression include the use of Ibogaine in carefully monitored doses. The qualified team of medical professionals at the Beond Ibogaine clinic in Mexico is available to offer therapy and one on one counseling whilst at the treatment centers. The use of Ibogaine is very effective with patients suffering from depression as it induces a state of altered consciousness. This psychedelic experience can give the patient the time needed to see and change the behaviors that are causing them to live in a depressed state.

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