Two ingredients that result in weight loss

African mango and green tea extract have been mentioned lately by many as two natural ingredients to lose weight. The Emmy winning Dr. Oz recently dedicated a segment in his TV show called “miracle in your medicine cabinet” that highlighted the benefits of African mango in weight loss. Studies show that properties contained in African mango seeds cause significant weight loss and burn fat in the blood. Green tea extract on the other hand has been linked to burning fat and improving metabolism. That’s why you need to use African mango and green tea extract rich Cellan Diet to burn fat, lose weight and improve your metabolism.

Among other main ingredients two most important are dried and powdered seeds of African mango and 100 percent green tea extract contained in Cellan Diet. The polyphenols make up about ten percent of the weight of green tea and half of those have been identified as epigallocatechin gallate or commonly known as EGCG that breaks down and burn fat in your body. African mango on the other hand target triglycerides and LDL in your blood stream and in the process helps to increase HDL level too. Here is a YouTube video for you to get additional information about this product:

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