It goes without saying that good hygiene and cleaning practices, especially when it comes to your eyes, are two of the most important things you want to emphasize on a daily basis. If you are a contact lens wearer, it becomes even more important to clean and sanitize your lenses before putting them in and taking them out. This guide will showcase some of the most common mistakes contact lens wearers make and how to avoid them.

Not Cleaning the Lens Before and After Use

Your eyes are sensitive to nearly everything. In order to protect them, you’ll want to practice good cleaning habits. One of the last things you want is a debilitating infection that can potentially be threatening to your health.

As you wear your contacts throughout the day, dirt and dust may build up on the outer surface. Be sure to clean them thoroughly after use, unless you’re using daily lenses in which you would just throw them away. Failing to use trusted contact solutions to clean your lenses can lead to an accumulation of bacteria that could be harmful to your eyes and potentially cause an infection.

Wearing Expired Contacts

Contact lenses aren’t designed to last forever. Some will last days, while others are meant to be swapped out on a bi-weekly basis. If you wear your pair beyond the expiration date, the lens may lose its effectiveness and become more susceptible to dirt and grime build-up.